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The World of Nemtin

Nemtin is an undiscovered country where people are not stupid, just ignorant!

Zeno is a Nemtin. He's always been one, and at times feels very proud about it. He's a young, though very impressionable fellow. He gets along well with other Nemtins, and sometimes like to play Bocce on a hot day with some Italian pals. Like any good Nemtin he likes to sing in the shower - 'a little off-key, but his hearts in the right place (near his feet).

A Nemtin is gracious at parties and like to have a flaming cup 'o asphalt soup every once in a while, but not on Saturdays. This is enough said on that subject now.

Zeno has a special gift - the gift of gab, he really likes to talk out loud, which is different in many ways from other Nemtins - that little tyke!

Many years have gone by since Zeno was cloned, and it's time he speaks on the worldwide web.


When is the time to plant the tree ?

20 years ago.

When is the second best time?


React to Zeno! ZENO LIVES


**** Book of Nemtin ****

The 3 Primary Lessons.

Lesson 1 - SPIRIT

True Nemtins must have spirit. Spirit is inside to know that you are you and they are not. The spirit calls you fella (Hey you).

Lesson 2 - PAIN

Pain, once experienced, makes you stronger for tomorrows battle. Experience pain, don't be one.

Lesson 3 - HUMOR

Laugh only at yourself, for behind your back, you are laughed at, not with. Be a humourous lad.

Nemtin - The Master Learning Pages

Book One: Early Years
Book Two: Current Thoughts
Book Three: The New Millennium
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