Nemtin - The Early Years

    It was but a second, but long ago there
    was a distant call from the great abyss
    in the galaxy.   Terra dust and gravity
    reacted to create another new world.
    what may have seemed like minutes, was
    in reality - millions of Nemyears - a silly,
    yet undefined measure of time. And thus
    became the land......... Nemtin. Wow - now 
    that's a story!!!
    Some find it hard to imagine a time without
    Nemtin, some don't. Let's just accept it, O.K.
    This little guy is the typical Nemtin, smart, not
    too smart, and oh yes - the pointy head.
    Overheard at the Border Gate:
    Guard: "Can I see your passport Zeno?"
    Zeno: "Sure, here it is."
    Guard: But, this is a picture of your cute sister."
    Zeno: "I know, but you don't need my picture,
          I'm here in person."
    Guard: This picture is very nice."
    Zeno: " You like it, please keep it."
    Guard: "Thanks, Zeno"
    A few points:
    - At night, Nemtins paint themselves yellow
       and pretend they're stars.
    - All true Nemtins live on the north side of
       abandoned copper mines.
    - Nemtin little people (midgees) are called Nemtiks.
    - Favorite Dish = Asphalt Soup (of course).
    - Venerable old Nemtin help young Nemtins learn.
    - Nemtins are not (contrary to previous myths) shrink-proof.
    Overheard At the Nemtin Aquarium:
    Keeper: "Did anybody see the rare Purple Swordtail?"
    Nemtin #1: "Not I"
    Nemtin #2: "Nope"
    Nemtin # 3: "{grfloo,,oo (do I see something in his mouth?"
    Keeper - "Well thanks , I will keep looking."
    What would the Average Nemtin Wish For?
    (Give up ? OK, here's 4 things)
    1) Itchy nose.
    2) Soy Bean.
    3) A Pet to call my own.
    4) Didn't live in Nemtin
    Assorted Snippets:
    - Nemtin has a bridge over troubled waters.
    - Nemtins love Zoot Suits
    - Alot of Nemtins do cry over spilled milk
    Life is OK !

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Life    is    OK    !

Zenos Haiku

Oh little Nemtin,

So pointy

your head shines

in the sun

don't fall

off the building.

you crazy

Zeno Nemtin.

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